Navaratri Devi Puja
Oct 13th, 2012 by Sowmya

The Sharad Navaratri Puja, or Devi puuja in Navaratri falls in the month of Ashwiyuja (generally Oct. ) over a 10 day period. The 10th day is called Vijayadashami, which is auspicious for starting any new venture, initiating the alphabets for children, learning new languages, music or for developing new (improved) relationship with one’s spouse or children or office colleagues.
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Varalakshmi Puja
Aug 17th, 2010 by Sowmya

Varalakshmi Puja or Vrata is a ceremony performed by women on the Friday before the full moon in the month of Sravana (July/August) and this year it falls on Friday, the 20th. It is commonly performed in the South Indian states of Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The puja is performed to take blessings of the Goddess Lakshmi, who is the Goddess of wealth and auspiciousness. As per legend, this vratam was recommended by Lord Shiva to his wife Parvati to gain wealth and prosperity. He tells her the story of a lady Charumati who was asked by the goddess Varalakshmi, in her dream, to do the vratam in order to fulfill her wishes. She performed the vratam along with other ladies in her village with great devotion. They offered the deity lots of delicacies and once the vratam was completed, they were amazed to find their bodies decked with expensive jewels and their homes full of riches. From then on, women started performing this vratam every year seeking wealth and prosperity in their families. Read the rest of this entry »

Abirami Anthathi
Jun 11th, 2010 by Sowmya

The Abirami Anthathi is a divine, lyrical song on Goddess Abirami which has 100 verses. The term “Anthaathi” refers to the particular style of composition wherein each new stanza begins with the same word that was used to end the previous stanza.

The beauty of this Anthathi is the story behind it and that it was composed ad hoc by Abirami Pattar (Subramaniya Iyer) on the spur of the moment and with intense devotion.
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Learn to Chant – Ganesha Arati
Nov 5th, 2009 by Shree

जय गणेश, जय गणेश, जय गणेश, देवा .
माता जाकी पारवती, पिता महादेवा ..

एकदन्त, दयावन्त, चारभुजाधारी,
माथे पर तिलक सोहे, मूसे की सवारी .
पान चढ़े, फूल चढ़े और चढ़े मेवा,
लड्डुअन का भोग लगे, सन्त करें सेवा ..

अंधे को आँख देत, कोढ़िन को काया,
बाँझन को पुत्र देत, निर्धन को माया .
‘सूर’ श्याम शरण आए, सफल कीजे सेवा,
जय गणेश जय गणेश जय गणेश देवा ..

Shri Devi Gayatri
Oct 3rd, 2009 by Shree

Shri Devi Gaytri audio is in the voice of my mother-in-law Mrs. K. V. Lalitha.

Learn to Chant Gita – Chapter 1 – TAMIL
Sep 3rd, 2009 by Sowmya

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Our Thanks to Saroja Sundaresan who has helped to put the Tamil version out so soon.

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