Diwali Puja
November 10th, 2012 by Sowmya

What Puja is when during the Diwali Season



Trayodashi: 13th day 

Also known as Dhantrayodashi; Dhanwantari(who appeared from sagar manthan) jayanthi; Evening we do jala puja, decorating pots containing water(now taps);
Night oil bath for children. Adults take oilbath early morning before sunrise



Also known as Naraka Chaturdashi(the day Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna) Dhanalaxmi puja is done on that day; some do instead dhanya laxmi puja;


Kedareshwara puja;

Kedareshwara vrita was performed by Gauri to obtain the half body of Shiva. When the pramatha gana brangiriti did the pradaxina for Shiva without including Parvati. Shiva explains on enquiry by her that those who know brahman have nothing to obtain from you hence they do not do the circumambulation. Parvati, in a huff of anger leaves the place and enters the forest. Encountering the sage Gautama she asks the sage a way to obtain the half body of Shiva. He asked her to perform Kedareshwar vrita. It starts from ashtami(8th day) and culminates on amavaasya day. In practice however, it is generally done on the last day. So it is the worship of Lord Shiva and the name is Kedareshwara vrita.
All pujas call for some austerities like fast or semifast on fruits or milk or juices. There is no exception for this.


Akaasha deepa

Keep AAkaasha deepa for departed souls(to light their way; meaning when we engage in the devotional service, we have satisfied our departed ancestors and now they can freely reach their ultimate destination without worrying about us.)



Deepavali; Gopuja(worship cows; a drop of urine of cow is taken)


Kartik Maasa Shukla Pratipada 

New year

baliindra puja(The day when Bali Chakravarti was sent to nether worlds; He had usurped the kingdom of Indra; Lord came as vamana and with two measures of his tiny foot, he covered earth and healvens. The third was used on Bali’s head to relieve him of all that he had gained.
(meaning; we are bali; we aggrandize; in order to reach god, we have to let go all that we have and become disposessed)

since it is a new year the puja for new books and ‘angadi'(business) puja is also done on this day; some do dhanalaxmi puja on this day.

In today’s world for most of us, we have to choose a day like Sunday to have these functions when you can do all the pujas on the same day.

In 2013, Diwali falls on the 2nd/3rd of November. The following Diwali Puja files are available at our site..

Kedareshwar & Dhanalakshmi Puja – Sanskrit

Kedareshwar & Dhanalakshmi Puja – Tamil

Kedareshwar & Dhanalakshmi Puja – Malayalam

Kedareshwar & Dhanalakshmi Puja – Telugu

Kedareshwar & Dhanalakshmi Puja – Kannada

Kedareshwar & Dhanalakshmi Puja – English

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