Rama Navami Katha
April 17th, 2013 by Sowmya

This year Rama Navami is being celebrated on Friday the 19th of April. On this occasion, we are happy to present the Katha that is to be read as part of the Rama Navami Puja which is already available at our site – Here

Thanks to our Satsanghi Vidya Rangarajan for making the text of the Katha available to all of us.



From – Kamala Subramaniam’s Bhagavatham

The putrakama yaga was almost drawing to a close. Everyone was watching, all of a sudden, the fire seemed to burn with unearthly glow. Out of the fire rose a divine form. He was dark and he was clad in crimson silk. The entire yajnasala was illuminated by his presence. The king saw the divine being held in his hands a golden bowl with a silver covering. The celestial form spoke to the king in the midst of everyone. He said : “ I am a messenger from the creator Brahma. I have been commanded by the gods to hand you this vessel filled with payasa. Give it to your queens and they will bear you the sons for whom you have been aching since so many

The king prostrated before the divine being and accepted the bowl of payasa with great reverence. The divine being blessed him and vanished from his presence.

The yaga had come to a glorious conclusion and rishis blessed the king and asked him to distribute the payasa to the queens.

Kausalya , Sumitra and Kaikeyi the three queens shared the payasa. There was great joy in the hearts of the queens. The king Dasaratha was happy in the anticipation of the births of the children.

The month of Chaitra was once again heralding its approach. Vasanta made its appearance felt by the pleasant breeze which was wafted across the ponds filled with lotuses and by the trees which were clad in soft fresh green.

The month was Chaitra. It was the fortnight when the moon was waxing—Shuklapaksha—and it was the ninth day after the new moon. Five planets were in very auspicious position. The lagna was Karkataka and the planet Guru was rising with the moon. The star was Punarvasu. The lord of lords had assumed the form of human being for the good of mankind and was born as the son of Kausalya. Kausalya glowed with radiance like Aditi did, when Indra was born to her.

When the next star Pushya appeared, under the meena lagna was born a son to Kaikeyi. The gentle Sumitra gave birth to twins when the next star Ashlesha appeared.

The four sons of king Dasaratha were all the amshas of narayana and Kausalya’s son was Narayana himself.

There was joy and nothing but joy in the hearts of all the people in Ayodhya.

When the children were born divine instruments made music in the heavens and the gandharvas sang and danced out of happiness. They danced and sang because soon their woes would be at an end since Ravana would be killed. Flowers rained on the divine children.

The king gave away gold and gifts of cows to Brahmins and others. Eleven days passed after the sons were born to the king. The preceptor Vasistha named Kausalya’s son as Rama. The son of Kaikeyi was named as Bharata and Sumitra’s two sons were named Lakshamana and Shatrughana.
The king Dasaratha’s four sons were handsome, strong, powerful, righteous and respectful to their father and mothers and to their kulaguru who taught them the sacred lore, sage Vasistha.

All the four were well versed in the art of fighting, riding and were very good archers like kshatriya princes. They were very humble and very soft-spoken. Dasaratha was the happiest man on the earth, surrounded as he was, by these four sons.

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