Navaratri Devi Puja
Oct 13th, 2012 by Sowmya

The Sharad Navaratri Puja, or Devi puuja in Navaratri falls in the month of Ashwiyuja (generally Oct. ) over a 10 day period. The 10th day is called Vijayadashami, which is auspicious for starting any new venture, initiating the alphabets for children, learning new languages, music or for developing new (improved) relationship with one’s spouse or children or office colleagues.
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Lalitha Sahasranama
Aug 21st, 2010 by Sowmya

The Lalitha Sahasranama is about the divine mother Parvati. It is said to have been a conversation between sage Agastya and Hayagriva and occurs in the 36th Chapter of the Brahmanda Purana.

Here we provide a Learn to Chant version from the internet as well as links to the English, Sanskrit and Tamil texts.

The entire text and a lot of details are provided in this Link
Lalitha Sahasranama in English

Here is the Sahasranama in Sanskrit

Click Here for the Tamil Version

Sri Mookambikai Ashtottaram
Jan 18th, 2010 by Sowmya

Our Satsanghi Jayashree Vaitheeshwaran has kindly provided us with the Sri Mookambikai Ashtottaram in English. This was originally transliterated from grandhakshra to Tamil language by Vaitheeji’s father in 1979 after which it started getting published in many Tamil Ashtotra books.

Jayashreeji has now transcribed the same to English, for the sake of our readers.
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The Slaying of Mahishasura – Devi Mahatmyam 2
Sep 30th, 2009 by Sowmya

This is the second post on Devi Mahatmyam. These were short summaries given at our UAE Satsangh.

Thanks to Chitraji for providing the material for sharing with all of us.

Chapters 2,3 & 4 – The Slaying of Mahishasura

In olden times there was a war that raged between the Devas led by Indra and the asuras led by Mahishasura. The devas were unfortunately routed by the asuras and Mahishasura became the lord of heaven. The hosts of devas, having been thrown out by Mahisha took refuge in Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and pleaded them to destroy Mahishasura.
Having thus heard the words of the devas, Vishnu and Shiva were angry and their faces were fierce with anger.
Then issued forth a great light from the face of Vishnu who was full of intense anger, and from that of Brahma and Shiva too. From the bodies of indra and other devas also, sprang forth a very great light and all this light united together.
The devas saw there, a concentration of light like a mountain blazing excessively, pervading all the quarters with its flames. Then that unique light produced from the bodies of all the devas, pervading the three worlds with its lustre combined in to one and became a female form. Shiva gave forth a mahishasura-mardhinitrident, Vishnu his discuss and all the devas gave the power thru their weapons. The Lord of wealth, Kubera, gave her a drinking cup ever full of wine. Honoured like wise by other Devas with ornaments and weapons, the Devi gave out a loud roar with a defying laugh again and again. With her laughter unending, all the worlds shook, the seas trembled.
Mahishasura, hearing this roar rushed towards that roar surrounded by innumerable asuras. Then he saw the Devi making the earth bend with her foot steps, scraping the sky with her diadem, shaking the nether worlds with the twang of her bow string, and standing there pervading all the quarters around with her thousand arms. Then began a battle between the Devi and the enemies of the Devas. Showering her own weapons and arms, Devi Chandika very easily cut in to pieces all the weapons and arms of the asuras without any strain on her face.
Then chiksura, the great asura general, seeing their army being slain by the Devi, advanced in anger to fight with Ambika. The great asura flung at Badrakaali the pike and seeing that pike coming upon her, the Devi hurled her pike that shattered his pike in to hundred fragments and the great asura himself. Then, the Devi sitting on the lion, killed Chaamara, Udagra, Bhaskara, Ugraveerya, Mahaahanu, Dhurdhara and Dhurmukha, who were great asuras.
Mahishaasura, seeing his army thus destroyed by Devi, rushed towards Ambika with his own buffalo form. There was a great fight between Devi and Mahisha. Mahisha changed his forms from buffalo to lion and then to a big elephant. When his trunk was cut, the great asura resumed his buffalo shape roaring at Devi, fought with more strength and valour.
The Devi said, “Roar, Roar, O fool for a moment while I drink this wine. When you will slain by me the Devas will soon roar in this very place.” Having exclaimed thus she jumped and landed herself on the great asura, pressed him on the neck with her foot and struck him with her spear. And thereupon, caught up under her foot, Mahishasura half issued forth from his own buffalo mouth being completely overcome by the valour of Devi. Devi struck off his head with her great sword.
Then Shaakra and other Devas uttered their words of praise, their necks and shoulders reverently bent, and bodies rendered beautiful with horripulation and exultation.
These praises are very important in Devi mahaatmyam and the Devas say, “whoever praises you with these hymns, may You, who have become gracious towards us, be also for his increase in his wealth, wife and other fortunes together with riches, prosperity and life.”


Click here to Learn to Chant – Mahishasura Mardhini Stotram

Mahalakshmi Stuti
Sep 26th, 2009 by Sowmya

The following is a hymn in praise of Goddess Mahalakshmi, who is the Goddess of wealth and all auspiciousness.

The stotras are sung by my mother Mrs. K.V.Lalitha and Shree has compiled the slides with the Sanskrit transliteration.

Please wait for the video to load – the first time load may take a few minutes due to the high video quality.

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