The Slaying of Chanda & Munda – Devi Mahatmyam 3
October 10th, 2009 by Sowmya

This is the third post on Devi Mahatmyam. These were short summaries given at our UAE Satsangh.

Thanks to Chitraji for providing the material for sharing with all of us.
Chapters 5, 6 & 7 – The Slaying of Doomralochana, Chanda & Munda

Indra’s sovereignty over the three worlds and his portion of the sacrifices were taken by the Asuras Shumbah and Nishumbha by force of their pride and strength. They took the powers of all the Devas and deprived them of their Lordships. The Devas thought about the invincible Devi as their solution, remembering the boon granted by Devi who had said, “whenever in calamities you think of me, that very moment I will put an end to all your worst calamities”.

All the Devas resolving thus, went to Himavat, the Lord of the mountains andchamundi praised the Devi with hymns. When Devas were praising, Parvati came there to bathe in the waters of Ganga. She asked the Devas, “Who is praised by you here?” An auspicious goddess sprung forth from her physical shape and gave the reply that the hymns were addressed to herself, the Ambika. Because Ambika came out of Parvati’s physical sheath or Kosha she is glorified as Kaushiki.

Another dark form came out of Parvati and she was called Kaalika. Then Chanda and Munda, the two servants of Shumbha and Nishumbha saw that Ambika having a charming form. They thought in their mind that she will be a great gift to their kings. They told Shumbha, “When you can have all the gems of the world, why not this beautiful lady jewel? On hearing the words, Shumbha sent the great asura Sugreeva as a messenger to the Devi.

The message was conveyed to Devi. But, Devi said, “He who conquers me in battle, removes my pride and is my match in strength in the world shall be my husband. So, let Shumbha come here or Nishumbha the great asura. Vanquishing me here, let him soon take my hand in marriage.”

Hearing the words of the messenger, the asura kings got enraged. They ordered Doomralocana to go with his army and fetch Devi by force or even drag her by her hair. Whoever comes to save her be he a god, a yaksha or a gandharva be slayed. Doomralocana commanded thus by Shumbha, went forth quickly accompanied by 60 thousand asuras. The asuras showered on Ambika, sharp arrows, javelins and axes.

The asura Doomralocana rushed towards Devi and thereupon Ambika reduced him to ashes with a mere heave of the sound,”HUMMM”. On hearing that Doomralocana was slain by Devi and all his army was destroyed by the lion of Devi, Shumbha, with great anger, commanded the 2 mighty asuras, Chanda and Munda to bring Devi to his presence. The asuras fully armed and with Chanda and Munda as their heads, marched in four fold array. They saw the Devi smiling gently, seated upon the lion on a huge golden peak of the great mountain. They had a great fight with various weapons. The Devi, mounting upon her great lion rushed at Chanda and seizing him by his hair, severed his head with her sword. Seeing Chanda laid low, Munda also rushed at her and met with the same fate. The remaining army became panicky and fled in all directions. Kaali, holding the heads of Chanda and Munda in her hands approached Chandika. The auspicious Chandika said to Kaali, “Because you have brought me both Chanda and Munda you shall be famed in the world by the name Chaamunda”.


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